Virus Scanning

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Virus Scanning9 out of 10 viruses are spread by email. Many of these viruses can slow or disable your computer or network, steal sensitive data and in many cases destroy data. The cost of repairing this data can be high, and in many cases the data is irretrievable.

Operating your own virus scanning system at home or in your office is, of course, an important way of stopping viruses. However, it's also important to remember that these sytems stop the virus once it's present on your system and sometimes this is too late.

Our virus scanning system stops viruses at the server so the virus never makes it to your computer and you never have to try and deal with it yourself.

Our software updates every few hours, so it's always fully up to date. Each Virus Scanning package your purchase will fully protect one entire domain, regardless of how many email mailboxes and facilities you activate on that domain or indeed how and where you access them.

For peace of mind and full email protection, add Virus Scanning to your order today.

Virus Scanning: £29.99 per domain

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